Wind Power

Capturing the energy of the wind remains an often costly task, requiring generators using exotic rare earth materials and complicated geartrains. A Chorus AC induction motor-generator, however, requires no rare earths, and can use a single fixed-ratio gear to reduce costs, complexity and maintenance downtime.

Chorus's high-phase order drive eliminates single points of failure and reduces power electronics costs by X%. Our resilient design lets wind generators generate more power for less cost, in more remote and adverse conditions, than competing machines.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory notes that gearboxes "are one of the most expensive components of the wind turbine system", and that the wind energy sector has "experienced high gearbox failure rates from its inception." According to NREL, most wind turbine gearboxes require "significant repair or overhaul well before [their] intended life is reached."

Instead of a complex and repair-prone gearbox, Chorus enables its replacement with a single fixed-ratio gear. Chorus's patented harmonic drive enables the production of an AC waveform at the full range of turbine speeds.

For wind farms that are in remote locations or offshore - areas where the wind's energy can be harnessed best - elimination of the gearbox can remove one of the heaviest maintenance and labor burdens, reducing both downtime and development risks. See how Chorus can change the economics of your wind technology today.
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