Introducing the Chorus Meshcon Motor

The Chorus Drive Technology, and its value to today's motor and drive companies
Executive Summary

  • Greater power density than any other technology
  • Smaller drives for the same load
  • High reliability from the use of standard modules and materials
Chorus Meshcon allows unprecedented performance in the motor and drive, providing the ideal solutions for most traction and start-stop motor applications, including such growth businesses as integrated starter-alternators for automobiles, as well as more traditional applications such as conveyors, locomotives, cargo handling, hoists, printing presses, or any application requiring large startup torques and smaller high speed loads.

How does it work?

The Chorus Star concept utilizes concentrated, high phase order windings which allows the beneficial use of harmonics (temporal, spatial, and overload). Consequently, a Chorus machine can achieve much higher torque densities than a traditional 3 phase motor, but with no cost penalty. Chorus Star machines are superior to three-phase machines as well as permanent-magnet machines.

Chorus Star is ideal for most motor applications of >1hp up into the megawatt range. Applications include engine starters, pumps, fans, compressors, constant torque loads, and generators.

Chorus Meshcon is a specific Chorus configuration which is ideal for traction and increased low-speed torque loads. Ideal applications include starter-generators, printing presses, materials handling such as conveyors or any other application for which starting torque requirements are higher than the continual torque requirements.

Chorus Meshcon specifically utilizes harmonic drive to "spoof" the drive electronics to think they are operating at a higher speed. The net benefit is that the motor drive, which cannot output maximum current and voltage to a 3 phase motor at low speed, is capable of achieving torques exceeding ten times that of what can be achieved in a 3 phase machine. The result is that a much smaller drive can be used for the same load, greatly reducing the cost of the resulting drive. High speed operation is not hampered, so the same motor can be used to start a car engine, and efficiently produce electrical output.

Chorus Meshcon is an inverter/drive combination, harnessing the specific system benefits of harmonic drive. It is ideal for traction applications at sizes from < 1 hp ranging up to megawatt systems, with a range of competitive advantages depending on the specific size and application.


Chorus Meshcon is fully compatible with all 3 phase motor and drive manufacturing equipment and processes. As such, the technology has all of the reliability benefits of the highly mature three-phase induction machine. The motor is externally identical. The drive electronics are literally the same ones used in three-phase inverters, though they are configured and controlled differently. In many ways, Chorus Meshcon achieves its technical superiority through changing the motor software. Hence, the technology benefits, as do other motors and drives, from normal incremental improvements in windings, insulations, switching electronics, etc.

What does Chorus offer?

The highest performance in the smallest and lightest package: Chorus is the ideal solution for any demanding application.

How are motors and drives supplied?

Chorus Motors plc does not make its motors and drives itself. Chorus designs the product, and supplies the software which drives it. The motors and drives themselves are manufactured by world-class suppliers to ensure that the customer receives the very highest quality product possible.

Semikron manufactures and packages Chorus' power and control electronics. Semikron meets all relevant international quality standards, including QS9000, VDA 6 Part 1 (automotive), and DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000.

The Chorus motors are likewise manufactured by ISO 9001 certified companies, who have well-earned reputations for making high performance and very high reliability motors.
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